Ishi Dube Representing Humboldt County!


Representing Humboldt's Best Vibes!

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Ishi Dube is a talented and determined artist with a profound love for reggae music. On stage, Dube doesn't miss a beat; he gives a sincere, energetic, and uplifting performance. Not only a singer/ song writer, Dube is also a skilled producer, musician, and sound engineer, he is involved in nearly every process of production from the roots to the fruits. Dube’s natural talent and hard work are sure to gain notoriety in the world of reggae music. Over the last decade Dube has has refined his craft by giving hundreds of live performances which in turn, has created a substantial following in Northern California. Now Ishi Dube exploding on to the scene, blending messages genuine roots reggae sound with a contemporary dancehall edge to the reggae community everywhere. With lyrical content ranging from political to spiritual to messages of societal change, Ishi’s vocal styles range from a sweet and melodic roots sound to a rougher, rhythmic deejay delivery. Dube grasps the attention of his audiences with multiple vocal techniques, accompanied by heavy riddims covering nearly every sub-genre of reggae; from ska, lover's rock and roots, to dub, rockers, and dancehall. Since the release of his debut album, “Massagana - Thanks and Praise" and his second release "LionCamp", Dube has been touring and performing at premier festivals and venues, writing and recording songs with widely respected artists such as Everton Blender, Capleton, Half Pint, Ras Attitude, and many more. Dube is currently producing other artists and is now the vice president of Universal Balance Entertainment (an independant record label) plus running the Tuff Riddims project, producing riddims found on many of the hot dancehall mixtapes and on the airwaves. Hard- working, dependable, and talented, Ishi Dube is an artist on the rise. Dube’s positive message and pleasant demeanor make his performance enjoyable for people from all walks of life. Ishi is a conscious entertainer, an energetic performer, and a serious musician. Dube says that the underlying point behind his music is “give thanks for life, live it with compassion, and make the most of it.” More love, every time.

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