2nd Annual Humboldt County Cup Tickets are on Sale!

Get your 2nd Annual Humboldt County Cup tickets while they last!

-Ticket sales must be online or at the event. -Vendors and Sponsors can make payments online or mail to: Righteous Innovations P.O. Box 4561 Arcata, CA 95518

Humboldt County Cup Important Information

  • Ages 18+ are able to attend at this time, we are considering a family all ages event, please stay tuned.
  • Government-issued photo ID such as driver’s or non-driver's state license, passport or military ID OR a copy of your birth certificate + a photo ID such as student ID.
  • Medical recommendations are not required to attend the Humboldt County Cup.
  • In accordance with California law, attendees must be 21 years of age or have a California doctor's recommendation/ California medical card to enter the on-site medicating smoking area.
  • In accordance with state and local possession laws, you may bring cannabis and smoking accessories to the Humboldt County Cup.

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