About Us

Our goal is to host a premier event in Humboldt County that will embrace our local cannabis history and community! The Humboldt County Cup will include music, awards and more! Most entries are expected to be from the Emerald Triangle and contestants located in California are welcome to enter also! We lab test for safety and public entities will judge the best sight, taste and smell!
Show Support! We donate to local charities!
The Humboldt County Cup is a Science Based and Honest Competition! There are some misconceptions that cannabis contests are not fairly judged or based upon science. That may be true for some but not the Humboldt County Cup! We thought it would be important to inform the community and provide facts to the public. The founder of the Humboldt County Cup is Matthew Smith-Caggiano and he is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force with proven integrity, work ethic and attention to detail that are utilized for the Humboldt County Cup process. Matt also has a Bachelor of Science from Humboldt State University and over 8 years of professional experience as a biologist, utilizing scientific methods on a federal government scale. Matt's integrity and scientific knowledge helps make the Humboldt County Cup an event the cannabis community can trust. The judges are public entities such as journalists, magazines, radio and dispensaries that help promote transparency and a fair competition. Results can be validated by these public judges if the integrity of the Humboldt County Cup is in question. Lab results are most important for safety and include pesticides, microbiological and residual solvents. We do not judge entries based upon lab potency because lab potency can range from 3-5% or more. Significant judging based upon lab results for potency would not be fair or scientific with a range of 3-5% or more. In other words, one lab test could result in 17% THC while another 20% THC. Since the effects can last for several hours, it would be very difficult for judges to score effects of numerous entries within a reasonable amount of time. Safety is judged upon lab results while sight, taste and smell are determined by trusted public entities.