Humboldt County Cup 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Results (2nd Annual)

2nd ANNUAL FINAL RESULTS THC Concentrates 1st Strawberry Fields Live Resin Patrick M. Emerald Family Farms & Murphy Mountain 2nd Girl Scout Cookies Rosin Art G. Emerald Genetics & Emerald Rosin 3rd Sour OG Ganja Glue Nor Cal Team Emerald Genetics & Essential Medicinals CBD Concentrates 1st Medical Mass CBD Hybrid […]

Humboldt County Cup Legal Justifications

The Humboldt County Cup community event is still planned for January 21, 2017, although discussions about last minute concerns are ongoing. Several months after receiving approval and not changing our scope, the Ferndale Police Chief/ some Ferndale community citizens presented 3 main concerns for legalities in regards to: 1) Proximity to […]

Black Uhuru Legend, Michael Rose aka Mykal Rose is Featured Musical Guest!

Guess who’s coming to dinner! We are blessed to have special guest Michael Rose aka Mykal Rose, formerly of Black Uhuru! Mr. Rose has been an advocate for the cannabis movement as well as human rights since the 1970’s! Please welcome Mr. Rose to the Humboldt County Cup and our revolutionary community! […]

Humboldt County Cup Winners 2015

2015 Humboldt County Cup 1st-3rd Place WINNERS MORE PHOTOS AND INFO SOON! Outdoor Flower- Sativa Dominant #1 OFS1- 16.1% THC, Tangelope by Adam R. of Humboldt County and Emerald Family Farms #2 OFS6- 14.7% THC, Durban Poison by Ryan M. of Humboldt County and Emerald Family Farms #3 OFS4- 22.5% […]

Ishi Dube Representing Humboldt County!

ISHI DUBE  Representing Humboldt’s Best Vibes! Ishi Dube is a talented and determined artist with a profound love for reggae music. On stage, Dube doesn’t miss a beat; he gives a sincere, energetic, and uplifting performance. Not only a singer/ song writer, Dube is also a skilled producer, musician, and […]

Jah Sun Representing Humboldt County!

Jah Sun  Represents Humboldt County’s Best! Jah Sun is a distinguished Reggae artist whose message of hope has captivated audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical styles, Jah Sun aspires to awaken in his audience the desire to meet the challenges of life and to live to […]