Humboldt County Cannabis Contest Information!

3rd ANNUAL Due by October 18, 2017!

(A representative must be present to collect award)

Thank you for inquiring about Humboldt County Cup contest to help celebrate the history of our area by bringing the community and cannabis together!

Although Prop. 64 has passed for the adult use of cannabis, the Humboldt County Cup contest will be conducted under medical guidelines and through a medical collective.

A doctors recommendation is required to enter your medical cannabis product in the Humboldt County Cup.

Contestants may enter the medical cannabis if they are 18 years of age and with a doctors recommendation.

Local recommendations can be confidentially acquired at Nor Cal Health Center located at 4677 Valley W Blvd, Arcata, CA 95521. Phone:(707) 822-5244.

All cannabis will be lab tested for mold and pesticides to ensure the highest quality products.

All entries are considered strictly confidential  according to desired publicity.

Emerald Genetics collective will help facilitate the process through membership.

Contest Categories:

1) Outdoor Flower: Sativa Dominant, Indica Dominant, 50/50 Hybrid

(Most strains are hybrid and some hybrids are more difficult to determine Sativa or Indica dominance. The Hybrid category is for these circumstances given the cultivators discretion or opinion.)

2) Indoor Flower (artificial light): Sativa Dominant, Indica Dominant, 50/50 Hybrid

3) CBD Flower (at least 3% or more CBD complex)

4) Concentrate: THC, Non-Solvent and CBD (At least 5% or more CBD complex)

5) Vape: THC, CBD (at least 5% or more CBD complex)

6) Edibles

7) Topical

8) Tinctures (New)

9) Terpene (New): Flower only (Judged by Lab % + Taste and Smell score)*

10) Glass (New)

11) Photo (cannabis industry related)

12) Art (industry related paintings, drawings or anything artsy)


-$200 cost of entry will cover lab testing and processing fees for flowers, concentrates, topicals and edibles. Potency, pesticides, mold and residual solvents analysis depending on product.

(Includes 1 general admission ticket per contestant (not per entry) and your name will be included on our guest list)

-$50 to be considered for the Terpene  Category.

-Cost of entry for glass/ photo/ art contest is general admission of $25 in advance online or $30 at the door.

Cannabis Entry Information:

-Up to 3 entries per category are allowed per person. Entry may be public, anonymous or represent an entity

-Maximum of 40 entries per category

-22 units of flower of at least 2 grams each (Unlabeled)

-22 units of concentrate in increments of at least 1 gram each (labeled)

-22 units of edibles (labeled)

-20 units of vape cartridges of at least .5 gram each + 2 grams in a container for easier testing

-22 individual units of topical (labeled)

-22 individual units of tincture (labeled)

Payment Information:

-Entries may be submitted with entry fee in the form of cash, cashier’s check or money order and payable to


-Please submit the fee in a closed labeled envelope with your Contestant Application (page 1 only) and submit to the drop-off location with entry.

-Must be received no later than Oct 18th, 2017. No late entries due to time constraints.

Drop Off Location and Time (Please adhere to time allocated for drop off): 

Glass/Photo/ Art

-Contestant application must be submitted by October 18, 2017.

-Contestants will bring their entry for display between 8am– 10am at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds on Nov. 18.

-Must be equipped to display your entry on a table or wall.

Cannabis Entries

-Entries must be received no later than Oct 18th, 2017. No late entries due to time constraints.

-Packaged containing 1 contestant form, 1 entry and 1 payment to avoid mixing entries.

-Please bring the cannabis entry application form, collective membership agreement, entry and payment to:

The Humboldt California Association

601 I St. Suite B

Arcata, CA 95521

Drop Off Times

(please contact us in advance if this is not possible.)

Mon-Fri: 10:00 am-12:00 pm (ONLY)

Sat-Sun: 12:00 pm-2:00 pm (ONLY)





-All entries will be lab tested for molds. pesticides and residual solvents. Entries containing mold, pesticides and residual solvents beyond recommended limits will be disqualified. Some entries may be subject to second party lab testing if results are in question.

*Lab testing will be conducted by a third party and we are not liable for analytical results.


-Donations for local veterans and compassionate care programs will be greatly appreciated.

-Please submit any donations in a separate packaging labeled “donations”.  If okay with donor, we will acknowledge those who make a donation of 14 grams or more on