Humboldt County Cup, 3rd Annual Harvest Results

We want to give a special thanks to all those who participated with this cannabis community event! RESULTS PUBLIC RANKED CHOICE VOTING (Sponsored by the Green Party and Cannagraphics) Best Looking Flower (Winner receives Cannagraphics flower photo shoot) 1st- Hot Berry by Sunrise Mountain Farms and Dave s. 2nd- Pacific California […]

Message From Dr. Jill Stein

Dear Friends, Thank you for all you’re doing in these days of unprecedented crisis and unstoppable resistance, as we continue building the movement for people, planet and peace over profit! I’m writing to invite you to join me in California for a Green New Deal Mini-Conference to point the way […]

1st Green New Deal Conference with Dr. Jill Stein

  Marijuana is not illegal because it’s dangerous; it’s only dangerous because it’s illegal. It’s time to take marijuana off the black market, end crime and violence related to marijuana trafficking, stop wasting money and ruining lives by prosecuting victimless crimes, reduce prison populations, increase tax revenue, allow sick people […]

The Abyssinians-Bernard Collins coming from Jamaica!

Few reggae acts better capture the heart and soul of roots reggae music than the Abyssinians. Their deep catchy melodies, Rastafarian themes, and beautiful harmony arrangements all delivered with a deep spiritual feeling were instrumental in defining and refining the entire reggae genre. Bernard Collin’s lead vocals anchor the Abyssinian’s […]

Humboldt County Cup 3rd Annual Harvest, Redwood Acres Nov. 18, 2017

Humboldt County Cup!        “Official Cup of Humboldt County!” Hello Cannabis Community! We are getting ready for the 3rd Annual Humboldt County Cup! Apply for Vendor booths and Sponsorship while space is available! Lets celebrate the hard work and dedication of the cannabis community! Many thanks for your support! Location: Redwood Acres […]

Humboldt County Cup 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Results (2nd Annual)

2nd ANNUAL FINAL RESULTS THC Concentrates 1st Strawberry Fields Live Resin Patrick M. Emerald Family Farms & Murphy Mountain 2nd Girl Scout Cookies Rosin Art G. Emerald Genetics & Emerald Rosin 3rd Sour OG Ganja Glue Nor Cal Team Emerald Genetics & Essential Medicinals CBD Concentrates 1st Medical Mass CBD Hybrid […]

Black Uhuru Legend, Michael Rose aka Mykal Rose is Featured Musical Guest!

Guess who’s coming to dinner! We are blessed to have special guest Michael Rose aka Mykal Rose, formerly of Black Uhuru! Mr. Rose has been an advocate for the cannabis movement as well as human rights since the 1970’s! Please welcome Mr. Rose to the Humboldt County Cup and our revolutionary community! […]